Membership Application Form (PDF)

Wait List for Boat Slips at LSYC:

Lakeshore Yacht Club will be accepting applications for Wet Membership from the 15th through 31 Jan 2022. If interested, please complete the Membership Application Form and forward it to no later than midnight on 31 Jan 2022.

Wet Membership
We make every effort to keep our fee schedule as affordable as possible. Wet membership includes the use of all facilities as well as summer mooring, winter storage, launch, mast stepping, unstepping and haul out. There are no extra charges.

Please email to contact the membership director.

Refundable Wet Debenture $2000.00
HST $260.00
Total $2260.00
Initiation Fee (non-refundable) $2000.00
HST $260.00
Total $2260.00
Annual Dues $750.00
HST $97.50
Total $847.50
Mooring/Storage Fees = Length x Beam x $4.50 + HST  

(____ x ____ x $4.50) x 13%

i.e. 30ft length x 10ft beam i.e. $1525.50

Note:  Length Overall is boat length "Including bowsprits, davits, bow rollers, swim platforms, etc".  The measurement committee has the mandate to verify your boat's measurement.
Annual Work Hour quota is 35 hours per year for Wet & Dry members, 20 hours for Social members.



*Minimum Fee is $1000.00 + HST

Max size:  length 40 ft, beam 15 ft, 12 tonnes gross.

  Social Membership
Social membership includes the use of all facilities.
Annual Dues $500.00
HST $65.00
Total $565.00
Note:  Annual Work Hour quota is 20 hours for Social members.  

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